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"Creating Naylaleex has been an incredible journey. As a black woman, I have always wanted to celebrate and showcase the beauty of all skin tones equally, a vision that I have been able to bring into existence through Naylaleex.

Fashion has been a source of inspiration for me, and I've always admired how it can help one express their personality and give them the confidence to pursue their dreams. When I tried our sculpt & lift adhesive sample, it was a revelation. The limitless possibilities it offered, the sense of diversity and the visibility it provided, all drove me to bring this to more people and make it gender-neutral & non-binary too.


Our collection is designed to cater to all ages and preferences. My mother Emma, designed the most beautiful dresses for Ghanaian soirees. She always brought a sense of confidence and elegance to her designs.


This is when I understood how impactful fashion is to you as a human. More than what you wear. 

Fashion can truly help you allure that aura of confidence to go for your dreams. Whether it is for an interview, a dinner or formal events, what you wear, and how you feel is the secret to going for what you love, and our adhesives are a good solution for so many.

Over the past 11 years, I have worked in several luxury fashion roles each taught me about the lack of attention to diversity in fashion.


We are very aware of the underrepresentation of black independent elegant boutiques. I aim to empower women founders of all ethnicities, and partner with similar brands that hold the same high-quality, high functionality collections. 


We are inspired by diversity & inclusivity in elegant fashion. in a world where diversity in luxury has been incredibly limited, we want to share our platform with like-minded boutiques that bring something new to the Naylaleex Customer. 

Thank you for supporting our business, it means so much to me. Feel free to send in any questions or say hi. I welcome you to Naylaleex where you will find something exciting with a story to tell. We look forward to being part of your unlimited fashion journey!"

Happy shopping!

Lots of love,

Claire x

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Bespoke Diverse Body Adhesives

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