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Have a question? see below to find our frequently asked questions.

When worn as recommended, our Silicone adhesive has made to give you long-lasting wear.

I have sensitive skin, can I wear the silicone shapewear?

The Adhesives are made with hypoallergenic ingredients. Suitable for all sensitive skin. In a rare case of skin irritation, please discontinue use. If you have broken skin/rash please allow your skin to heal before applying.

Do I have to keep the silicone shapewear products in the box provided?

How long can I wear the adhesives?

What if I can't find my colour?

Each colour works well with tones very close to the shade. However, if this is so, please email us feedback, and kindly an image of your skin tone, so we can look into adding more colours to the collection. Another alternative is checking out our Instagram, where we show you inspired images of skin tones close to a shade we stock. We are always inspired by you. 

The boxes we provide give you more protection for your product. It optimizes the longevity of your product. You are also provided with a pouch to store the adhesives for quick storage on the go, or safely stored in your home, its been made to give you the choice, Either way, will help keep your product intact.

Can I wear my shapewear under any material?

You can give the adhesives a gentle clean by hand, with mild soap & water.
Please allow drying before reapplying the film to each piece. Please be gentle to ensure the glue is not removed.

Does the silicone shapewear restick?

How do I  clean the silicone shapewear?

The Silicone adhesive glue never loses its stick when worn as recommended. not to be used in moist conditions.

Our products work wonderfully under your garments. However, please take note that the Sculpt & Lift Adhesive bra has a slightly thicker edge. but works under many material types.

What are the payment options?

We take all card payments.

as well as Apple pay, Klarna, and PayPal. You can either buy the order or subscribe to the NLX Circle club subscription to receive a new piece each month at a 15% discount rate.

Does the adhesive leave residue on your skin?

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We advise you to be mindful of your environment, you can wear the silicone shapewear at any time, but just see how your skin reacts with the heat, if your skin gets wet easily you may notice slight unsticking, cool your skin down pat dry, press the adhesive back, you will notice it resticks just as before.

No residue or mess is left on the skin after taking off the product. Clean and easy take-off. 

We offer a credit note in the form of an E-Gift Card of the order value.


 Please note each pair of silicone shapewear is sealed with a void sticker, For an exchange or credit note, please email us at info@naylaleex, and send a pic of the untampered pouch you wish to send back, where we can assist you more. Please feel free to chat with a member of the team for any help you need before you buy, you can email the team, where we would be happy to assist you

What is your return policy?

Can the silicone shapewear ruin your clothes?

They do not leave any stains on any material. super gentle and very discreet.

Can I wear the silicone shapewear in the heat?

I suffer from excess sweating, is the silicone shapewear good for me?

Can I use cream with the silicone shapewear?

We recommend placing the adhesive on dry oil-free skin. Once adhesives are removed, you can use the cream of your choice after use.

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Can I swim in them?

We don't recommend wearing the adhesives in the swimming pool, as the chlorine may cause irritation. 

Many of our customers suffer from excess sweating, we advise you to keep to the instructions in the care guide. The adhesives have a great instant adhesive, however, before applying, we recommend cleaning the skin, patting the skin dry, then putting on the adhesives in a cool setting, due to the easy wear of our adhesives, you may find that you sweat much less. However, if you do sweat in all conditions we recommend trying it out, to see how your body reacts.

The premium 3D invisible adhesive bra with underwire & Strap is made to give you more support,  If you want to trim the product, This would be with your discretion, this product was made to provide more support in lifting the bust.

Do I have to have the strap from the premium adhesive bra with underwire and strap?

Are you a Non-binary brand?

We empower everyone to wear what they want without stigma, We aim to be an inclusive brand for anyone to buy with confidence. 

Are your products & packaging recyclable?

Yes, they are recyclable.  We provide you with the best quality to give you the most use out of your adhesive & packaging. We use FSC-registered packaging. Please reuse the boxes, they make great storage.

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If we have not answered your question here? Please get in touch where we will be happy to help.

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