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Thank you for your feedback, we are passionate and value our customers.  We’re excited to share some of their feedback with you, please feel free to do the same, so we can improve and highlight features, or even any tips & tricks.
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"I love the Ultra-Thin Nipple covers! I have gynecomastia, and this really helps flatten my nipples, I have ALWAYS been self-conscious about it, so thank you for making a product that I feel comfortable purchasing. Love the packaging!"

Mark R

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"I'm so happy, I was looking everywhere for an adhesive bra that was in my colour, and this gave me so much freedom.
Yes, nude is for everyone, thanks!"

Aisha A

"My bridesmaids all looked so good, no nipples on show thank goodness! They all wore different styles, Love the packaging too, looked like an added gift!"

Annabel G

"I felt included. looked everywhere for this type of brand. the packaging looked beautiful. Great product, no stigma, which made me happy."


NLX WIX pictures (42 × 29.7cm) (9).png

"Saw a post on LinkedIn, and I love it. Great for work! Packaging was a bonus, pouch was included :) will buy it again."

Jenny P

"YES YES YES! I wore a backless dress for the first time I bought the underwire and strap, though I do think you may need to read the measurement before you buy, I am an F cup, stuck really well. I wore the mocha colour, love the branding, elegant."

 Gabby D

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