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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Rewear, reuse and revamp your black dresses by using these simple yet highly effective tips. Make your outfits look and feel more expensive instantly.

1. Change the straps

Cut out the old straps add loops, and swap the straps with 2 plain gold, silver, or pearl necklaces. (remember to remove them when washing.

2. Hire a Tailor & add a slit

Hire a professional tailor to help you measure and make a slit. Transforming the look of your LBD, works with a long black dress too. Shortening the dress would also be a great change to an LBD. (Remember to wear the right heel height you would wear with the dress that is being altered.

3. Add a deeper neckline

Add a peephole in the front of a basic LBD or amend for a full deep V neck, Remember to start small, and get a tailor to give you that clean professional finish.

4. Wear your LBD the other way!

Yes, that's right. Try your dresses the other way around. it is surprising how good it could look, This tip would work well if

1, it is not pulling on your neck.

2. it is a soft material.

3. The shoulder hem is discreet.

You could end up with a backless dress with a boat neck front style try it out.

5. Stitch on a statement Applique detail

Add mini stud\pearl details all over your LBD, or find big beautiful appliques and add them to your dress.

6. Drop the hem

Some dresses have extra material added to the hem of the dress, Ask your to drop hem with an invisible seam, adding more length to your dress.

7. Cross over the straps on a halterneck

Halter neck tie-up dresses don't have to go just around your neck, play with it and cross over in the front, tie in the front then around your neck.

8. Cut back of the straps tie as a halterneck

Is your LBD a simple camisole-style dress? if yes, at the back from the end cut it, and tie it around your neck, for a completely different style!

9. Add a broach to the back

If you have an LBD that has really long straps, try pulling them together, and adding a broach for extra detail to the back of your dress giving you a cross-back style.

10. Add a bangle to the front of the straps

Do you have loose straps on your LBD? With an adjustable bangle, pull straps together in the front of your dress, and slip your bangle through it for an incredible elevated look.

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BONUS TIP | Use a hair tie to create a gathered detail & tighter waistline

Is your waistband really loose? wear your dress, lift up tie up a thin hair band, then you will have a temporary tighter waistline.



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