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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Yes, they are here! Premium Diverse Gender Neutral Silicone Adhesives in your Shade! Because we are all nude.

Every pair of breasts has a story.

Hello & welcome to our blog!

My name is Claire, I created NAYLALEEX in 2020 to help people wear more of what they love, I studied at the Fashion Retail Academy, worked in fashion magazines, gained lots of knowledge within luxury fashion retail and was an Image consultant to help women awaken the inner goddess. I'm also a mum of 2 incredible boys, I breastfed and subconsciously felt I needed a padded bra. I always wanted to slip on an outfit and voila done! Instead, I would look up ways to wear a dress with a bra or tuck in my bra straps, hoping no one noticed them. Even with all that I knew, I too needed to find the right shapewear, but silicone adhesives just weren't made for me, from the universal beige tone to the woman's illustration on the packaging. I remember my friend who noticed my bra straps and said "Just go braless", and I remember saying "Easy for you to say" as I wore my trusted blazer to hide the straps and ensure I looked well put together.

We all do it and it's okay, we do what makes us feel comfortable, but now I want you not over-dress to make a style work. I want you to stick, lift and go because one thing is for sure, when you wear the right shapewear, you look, feel and become more alluring, simply because you feel more comfortable and confident.

I would like to present to you the Evergreen Silicone Adhesive Collection. Made to help you feel seen and empower you to wear what you love, the way you want without feeling restricted. I wear our Sculpt & Lift Adhesives, and nothing feels better than picking up outfits knowing I can wear them.

There is no right or wrong way, we are here to offer you the choice to choose. In the colour or style that best suits you when you need it. We also provide a consultation service whenever you need it. If you need any help with colours, which style to choose, and the care tips, we are more than happy to assist you. Simply email us at info& I hope you love them just as much as I have made them for you.

These Adhesives are all made in our exclusive colour palette.

Our tones are rich, opaque and have a matte finish.

They are cleanable and are stored in our Signature Onyx Magnetic boxes.

We made these Nipple covers to cater to people who need nipple coverage only. They are just as great as our patented Sculpt & Lift Invisible bra. Giving you the modesty you need for sheer outfits or covering the nipples.

Made exclusively for our brand, these adhesives give you an instant sculpted shape. Covering the Nipples provides you with that gente lift with a long-lasting hold, leaving no residue on your skin. This Shape works really well if you want to reform your bust from rapid weight loss, after breastfeeding, mastectomy, saggy breasts or even just to give you that freedom from bras. They give you a defined formed bust and coverage for sheer or lace materials. Our Sculpt & lift bra is best suited for AA to D Cup.

we aim to be as inclusive as possible, we are growing and learning to find styles that work for more people.

We have worked on our underwire with clear straps adhesives made to conceal the nipples and provide more structured support to help lift the bust, made with the same materials as the 3D Sculpt & Lift invisible Adhesive bra, these adhesives are a great tool for shaping the bust and lifting.

This style is suitable for deep V-neck styles or backless. The size is suitable for E F Cup.

The BESPOKE Ultra-Thin Gender Neutral Nipple Covers £44.99 GBP

Made with the same Premium Ultra-Thin Nipple Covers, they are a unique way of wearing your adhesives! made to be seen. Classy and chic, they are a fun way of jazzing up an outfit. made with timeless crystals, studs, pearls & Stones. we can customize them, especially for you. or you could have them sent to you to customise yourself. beautiful under sheer tops, lace, and cut-out styles, these are the perfect statement piece to a simple outfit

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